Resource Post – Apps I Use to Do Social Media Posts

Resource Post – Apps I Use to Do Social Media Posts

Have you ever wondered how to get your post a certain way or look amazing? Here are some apps I use to edit my posts. Do note that I have an iPhone so apps may vary depending on your device.

1. Canva

Canva LogoCanva is an app that I am in love with at the moment. It can help with creating very appealing posts. I use this a lot with my blog announcements or any general announcements. Canva is also a site online so you can make your images on your desktop/laptop and access it through your phone. Through the online version, you may also have access to different documents like Infographics.


2. Later

Later Logo

Later is another app I love and works on desktop as well. With the recent updates, it is now possible to schedule and have your posts automatically. Which was my most favourite update just because I always missed notifications and posts always went up later than I wanted them to. It also saves on having to write a whole post. When I had to still post them through Later, all I had to do was direct it to where I wanted to post. By doing this, it gave me more time to actually interact with other Instagrammers and viewers.


3. PS Express & Lightroom

Lightroom LogoPS Express

I kind of use this interchangeably. I honestly don’t know why I just didn’t choose one and go from there but I think I got both to experiment with them. I believe I use PS Express because I was more familiar with Photoshop but Lightroom can do the same job when it comes to basic editing on the go. I also heard Lightroom charges now so PS Express may be the way to go.

4. Repost

Repost Logo

I use this when I want to repost other people’s items and give them the proper credit as all Instagrammers deserve. I believe I have the free version where it put the watermark and that’s exactly what I want. I wanted something that gave me the ability to clearly give the original poster credit. I also like this because it can give others a boost. Yes, I think of others even if they may already have a great following.


5. Pic Splitter

I used Pic Splitter to attempt the infamous insta grid photo. The cool thing about this is that you can split the images in any square or rectangular denomination.

6. Ripl

Ripl LogoWhen you want to give your Instagram some pizazz, Ripl is a great way to go. You can add text to images as well as make animations.



7. Layout

Layout Logo


I love this app for when I want to show more than one image on one image without having to do multiple images on Instagram.



8. Square Edit

Square Edit is the perfect app when you have those pesky pictures that you can’t get to fit for Instagram standards but don’t want to crop your image any smaller. I used to use INSTAFIT but there was a lot of confusion with the 2 apps they had and it crashed on me a lot. So I was happy that I found something that did what I wanted it to do, which was to have a border around the image so that it can fit Instagram, as well as allow me to save it to my phone for later uploads or post right away.


What are some apps you use for your social media? Do you use any of the ones listed? Share below!


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