Resource Post – Resources to Find Out How to Start Your Business or Helped My Business

Resource Post – Resources to Find Out How to Start Your Business or Helped My Business

Hey! So this post will simply be a resource post of links to sites that I have used to learn and get information on how, in general, to start and run my business. I believe this could be helpful no matter what industry you are considering getting into. These will most likely be Canadian based but it could provide you with ideas of what to look for if you are not in Canada or even Ontario. I did that with SkillCrush. While they were based on the current US standards, it gave me an idea of what to look for as a Canadian equivalent.

This link, I feel is like the Almighty guide because it gives you steps on how to register; social media tips; marketing & PR, Finance and Finances etc. –

This link provides checklists based on the industry that you are going into so you can make sure you are getting everything done. –

This link can help you build your business plan as an interactive guide. Desjardin also has an interactive business plan creator as well. –

This is the link to register your business in Ontario. This link should also be provided in the CanadaOne link as well. –

This link is mostly for Ontario but I am sure that there are other provinces as well. This has information about the tax-related tasks that you may need answered. –

The last piece of advice is to look at the people around you. You never know what other people know when you tell them what you are trying to accomplish. So ask around! Start a conversation. See what they are doing. You just may be able to help that person with their goals as well! It’s great to have a group of like-minded people that you can share info with.

Let me know below what resources you use. What aspects of business are you curious about?

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